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Purple Cat Piscines are based in Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Rousillon) in the south of France, north of Narbonne, East of Beziers and West of Carcassonne. We offer a high-quality service maintaining and cleaning your pool, using trained and certified staff. A range of pool services are offered, including annual maintenance contracts, seasonal contracts, opening for summer and winterization for winter, one off-jobs plus design and build consultancy, We maintain filters, pumps, heaters and pool chemistry to ensure your pool operates at the highest standard, remaining clear and inviting throughout your swimming season. 

Pool maintenance contracts 

If you are not in your gite all the time, or rent it out, we recommend for your peace of mind an annual contract. This provides you with the assurance that your pool is looked after and pristine clean at all times. This service includes opening up the pool in the late spring followed by weekly visits throughout the season and closing the pool for winter. Bi-weekly visits in winter ensure your pool is maintained even when it is not in use. During the visit (winter or summer) we will check and maintain water quality, ensuring a healthy pH balance, clean the pool, add chemicals as necessary, back wash / clean filters, check any alarms fitted (monthly), check, clean and if necessary replace skimmer baskets, check pump, valves and filter operation, and heater operation (if installed). To ensure the highest water quality we use a professional portable laboratory to test your pool water. We record all readings for reference. Small incidental repairs are included within the contract – if larger works are discovered to be necessary we will report and quote you for the cost. At the end of the season we prepare the pool for the winter, add winter chemicals and drain the filters and pipe work. We put on the winter cover and remove any security device. All pool products are included, your pool equipment to clean the pool will be evaluated at the start of the year to make sure that all is in working order and replacements provided as required.   

Seasonal Contracts


Seasonal contracts are also available just for summer or winter periods, with charges included for opening and closing (winterizing) as required. 

One Offs: Emergency Cleans and Problem solving
Need some technical help? Can’t get that pH level down? Can’t get rid of that cloudiness? Pool green? Help is available to diagnose and fix your problem. A diagnosis of your problem will be made, and a quote given for work needed. 

Opening/Closing pools 
Ensure your pool is opened and put to bed professionally at the beginning at end of the season.

Instructions on day-today maintenance
Need advice on how to look after you pool on a daily basis? On site training is available to enable you to look after your pool. This includes learning how to maintain pH balance, safe use of equipment and chemicals, and tips on keeping your pool running and clear

Installing a new pool? Advice is available to ensure you install a pool that meets your requirements, rather than the installers! We can help you determine what kind of pool will best meet your requirements, and budget. Advise you on security, pool heating, currents, filtration and cleaning options. Our advice at the beginning could save you a fortune in the long run. 

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